Mas Experience

Whether you’re looking to start a fulfilling new career or recruit quality staff for your growing business, Mas Experience holds the key.

Support services for apprentices and employers

Apprentices make a huge contribution to the Australian workforce and can enjoy rewarding careers in a wide array of different fields.  

Mas Experience consists of a range of services to provide support for job seekers, students, apprentices, and employers engaging with these training pathways.

We provide fantastic outcomes for people interested in various trades and professions.

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A young female apprentice standing in a factory wearing a hard hat and protective glasses looking up at a machine


Mas Experience provides services to job seekers to help them find the right career path.

We conduct personalised assessments to offer tailored advice to apprentices, ensuring successful entry into their chosen industry.

Mas Experience consultants also offer continuous support throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship, providing mentoring, advice and more. 


Mas Experience partners with businesses looking to upskill and future-proof their businesses by adding passionate apprentices to their team.

There’s plenty to gain from employing an apprentice in your business. You get access to individuals who are eager to learn, trained to your specific business requirements, and who are working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

We provide tailored support to assist businesses in finding employees (apprentices) who possess the personal attributes and skills necessary to succeed in your business.

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