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Fit 4 Work

Supporting First Nations People

Mas Transition’s Fit 4 Work (Supporting First Nations People) program is designed to improve your health while preparing you for employment. The program is FREE to join and will engage unemployed, non-active First Nations, with the aim being to get participants “Fit for Work”.

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TRAILS Welcome


Teamwork | Respect | Attitude | Independence | Life | Skills

With the aim of changing the direction of at-risk 16–24-year-olds across Adelaide, TRAILS (Teamwork, Respect, Attitude, Independence, Life, Skills) is an early intervention transition program that is designed to take participants on a journey of personal change and to develop the skills they need to enter the workplace.

Supporting Migrant Women into Employment

Empower | Confidence | Independence | Skills | Employment | Career Development

Supporting Migrant Women into Employment is designed to provide migrant women across Western Sydney with access to crucial career advice and pre-employment supports to help them develop confidence, independence & employability skills.

SMWE Welcome

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