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Fit 4 Work

Let us help you realise your true potential

Mas Transition’s Fit 4 Work program will improve your health and get you “Fit 4 Work”. With the support of our specialist facilitators and careers team, we will help you realise your true potential.

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Fun, engaging and mentally stimulating

Mas Transition’s RIDE program helped young at-risk Australians find their pathway to further education, training and employment opportunities. This program was established to set young people up with the best chance of success.

South East Apprenticeships Tasmania (SEAT)

Support for Job Seekers

Mas Transition’s South East Apprenticeships Tasmania (SEAT) program was designed to address the shortage of work-ready candidates in South Eastern Tasmania, particularly in the construction industry.

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Designed to empower and connect young, unemployed people

Mas Transition’s PaTH program was driven by industry stakeholders, who provide input in the attraction, skilling and matching of young job seekers to suitable employment vacancies.

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