MasConnects App

MasConnects is a comprehensive mobile application designed to empower Mas apprentices throughout their apprenticeship journey.

This app is a one-stop solution to support, guide and track progress for apprentices in various industries.

With an intuitive user interface and a wide range of features, MasConnects ensures that Mas apprentices receive the necessary resources and tools to excel in their chosen field.

The key features that speak your language!

Mood Meter

Navigate your apprenticeship journey with emotional intelligence using our Mood Meter. Reflect on your feelings, measure your confidence levels, and monitor your well-being.


Mood Meter
MasConnects News Feed

News Feed

Stay in the loop and well-informed with our comprehensive News Feed. Discover success stories, key dates, events, and helpful tips on subjects relevant to your apprenticeship.



Your progress deserves recognition! In our Rewards section, celebrate your achievements by earning points and badges as you hit milestones and complete tasks.

Earn Rewards
MasConnects Babble Chat


Connect and engage with your dedicated mentor through our Babble feature. Seamlessly communicate, ask questions, seek guidance, and gain insights from experienced professionals committed to your growth.

Training Videos

Unlock a treasure trove of training videos designed to elevate your skills and knowledge. Our video library covers everything from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

MasConnects Training Videos
MasConnects WIN

Your chance to WIN monthly $200 gift vouchers

And here’s the cherry on top! Just for using MasConnects you stand a chance to WIN a $200 gift voucher each month. Imagine treating yourself to something special, all just for being part of our community.

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You will need your apprentice ID to initiate your login. If you are unsure of what that number is please request to have this sent to you by clicking here.

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