Women in Business

Women in Trades

If you’re a woman who loves being active and has thought about getting into a trade, but don’t know how, Mas can help!

Trade careers deliver stable employment across a wide range of industries with good pay and great options for career progression beyond the Apprenticeship.

Our qualified Career Advisors can sit down with you to help map out a pathway to your dream trade career and link you in with programs to offer ongoing support to ensure you success in your field. So if you love the outdoors, want to work with animals or have a real knack for all things IT and more, Mas National can help you find the right career.

Experience great outcomes with Mas by your side

Our Careers Advisors are industry experts and can give you access to:

Information on pathways available


Information on pathways available

Resume & job hunting tips


Resume & job hunting tips

Mas Jobs online matching system


Mas Jobs online matching system

MasConnectsWIT | It’s more than just an app

Introducing MasConnectsWIT, your ultimate companion on your journey to finding a career in trades. Tailored specifically for women like you, MasConnectsWIT is more than an app – it’s a game-changer that puts your success at the forefront.

Our Mentoring Program for Women in Trades

We are excited to have the opportunity to support you on your journey through your Apprenticeship.

Our mentoring program will provide you with:

  • Access to Trades Industry support
  • In person and online events to meet other like minded women
  • Podcasts and Webinars
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Links to our mentor platform
Business Owner
CWTT | Women in Sydney

Connecting women to trades in Sydney

Connecting Women to Trades is designed to provide culturally & linguistically diverse women across Sydney with access to crucial career advice and pre-employment supports to support them to develop confidence, independence & employability skills.

Connect with your local Mas Mate

At Mas National we are passionate about supporting women in trades. Our Mas Mates are here to help you discover what trade opportunities are available for women and what a career in the trades industry would look like.

There are many trades facing a shortage of qualified trades people either right now or predicted to be in the next 5 years… and now is the time for women to Get Ahead and Get a Trade!

Success Stories

Mas has helped many women discover the right trade and progress their career.

Elise Dahl

From makeovers to renovations

Elise was a qualified Beauty Therapist and Nail Artist before she decided to pursue her passion for home renovations and woodwork. Now, Elise is studying a Certificate III in Cabinet Making whilst getting paid on the job.

The fight against the odds

After a series of head knocks on the footy field, Women’s Victorian Football League player Georgia Wilson knew it was time to find a new career. With support from Mas National’s Careers team, Georgia’s been able to transfer the determination, drive and skills that made her a successful footy player, into a new career where she’s thriving.

Georgia Wilson
Scarlett Picket | Civil Construction

Girls CAN operate heavy machinery

Scarlett Picket was working in the Office of her Father’s Surveying business, before finding her passion for large mobile equipment. Now, Scarlett is studying a Certificate III in Civil Construction and continues to receive the support and guidance she needs to pursue her passion and advance her career.

Brydie takes the “weld” by storm

Brydie Milligan wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps when she decided to become a Metal Fabricator apprentice in 2020. Being a young woman entering an industry dominated by men did not scare her away.

Brydie Milligan | Welder in SA

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