An Opportunity for women to Get Ahead… Get a Trade!

Did you know the current participation rate of female apprentices in non-traditional trade occupations is just 8%?

There are many trades facing a shortage of qualified trades people either right now or predicted to be in the next 5 years… and now is the time for women to Get Ahead and Get a Trade!

At Mas National we are passionate about supporting women in trades.

Benefits to a qualified trade

The trade business is one of the highest growth industries in Australia. Skilled trade employees are in high demand as employers frequently find it tough to find qualified tradespersons.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Stable employment
  • Great pay
  • Many options for career progression
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
Benefits of a Mas Mate
Myths of Trades

Common Myths Busted

  • Trades are just for the guys – you don’t need to be a body builder to work in a trade! Working safely and within your limits applies to everyone!
  • You need to be under 21 to get a trade – age is only a number! Mature age apprentices bring great life experience and value.
  • Employers don’t hire women in trades – Many employers in trade occupations are increasingly seeing the value and balance women bring to a workplace.

There are many more myths and questions about a trade career which we get every day, that’s why Mas National have a dedicated women in trades team.

Introducing our Mas Mates

We are proud to support women in trades

Our Mas Mates are here to help you discover what trade opportunities are available for women and what a career in the trades industry would look like.

Suzi Morphett

Meet Mas Mate Suzi Morphett

Suzi brings a wealth of experience to Mas National, having worked in various roles and industries, including social work, radio, car sales, traffic control in civil, construction and operations.

Suzi is excited about working with women of all backgrounds to help make a difference in women’s lives, by providing them with stable incomes and brighter futures.

As a mother of two active boys, Suzi cherishes her limited spare time by relaxing, spending quality moments with her family, and occasionally embarking on home renovation projects.

Location: South Australia
Mobile: 0437 170 413
Email: [email protected]

Meet Mas Mate Shannon Milton

Having worked for 10 years in the public sector in marketing and communications, Shannon knows what it’s like to switch careers and explore different avenues.

Now, Shannon is eager to support other women on their career journey, helping them find jobs they’ll love in fields typically dominated by men.

Outside of work, Shannon usually plays Uber Driver for her two children and enjoys the outdoors and solving jigsaw puzzles.

Location: Queensland
Mobile: 0484 911 177
Email: [email protected]

Shannon Milton

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